Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Taiwanese Food (**cont**)

Let's continue the story...we decided to have our "last" lunch in a very lovely, romance restaurant which is located at xxxxx xxxxx (top secret place). The food is so so delicious...hmmm...yummy yummy. Wanna know where is the location for this restaurant? You may need to contact me personally as this is top secret place...wahahahaha

Now, you may enjoy the pictures first...

Well...end of Dell story here~ Gonna miss you all...must keep in touch ya**Muaks**

-The End-

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Last day at Dell

sob is my last day at Dell. I am so sad...gonna miss you all. There's lots of activities that I gonna miss...firstly-"who manage to park the car in the VIP place (me & ann)" hahahaha...secondly-"yummy breakfast with Ann, Chai Hoong, Irene"...thirdly-"fill up water from the pantry together with Ann"...following is "think of where to have lunch together"..."always ask Chai Hoong many questions"..."always surf illegal website (annyee, fashion world, stardressing, etc) together with Chai Hoong" wahahahaha..."always stay OT together"..."always joke around"...OMG!!! :P Gals, gonna miss you all like crazy~~~

Here's the last glance of my lovely cubicle...gonna miss it too!!!

**Breakfast** my breakfast mate is Ann. We used to have yummy breakfast together...fried bihun, nasi lemak + egg, curry puff..etc. Ann, do you miss me this morning...hehehe This is the pantry that we used to have our yummy breakfast but....we have the specific table that belongs to us...wahahaha! Would you mind to have a guess?

well...the answer is the first coner table which can view the nice scene from there. Wanna know what is the nice scene that I mentioned??? Hmmm....

Scene 1: where we park our car

Scene 2: criticise others people driving skills (for fun only)

Here's the scene...not bad huh? Can you see where is my car??? I cannot find my car but...I can see Ann's car...wahahahaha. Come, let's see where is Ann's car... (see below)

Yeah!!! That's Ann's car...silver color with the 3 wiper up! :P

To be continue...

Monday, April 14, 2008

Farewell @ Mizi Bistro

Hello guy & gals...thank you so much for the dinner treat from all of you! I am really happy and enjoyed that night...and I'll remembered this "lovely night" = ) Okie, now let's enjoy some sweet, funny, lovely, crazy photos! hehe...

hehe..I am Miss Pat.

Ur....u see her

Okok...I'll give you a call~~

Hmmm....wanna try?? Its yummy~~~

Oops, looked at the wrong side...wahaha