Sunday, April 10, 2011

Food Galore!

This is gonna be a massive food pictures post! During my brother’s visit, we’d been to a few places for our breakfast, lunch and dinner together. That means more calories burning exercises afterwards… teehee!

Let’s start with… Breakfast

Pancake Parlour @ Melbourne Central

Pancake served with Vanilla/Choc Ice-cream

Follow by… Lunch

Berth @ Dockland

And lastly… Dinner

China Bar @ Burwood

Sichuan Cuisine @ Chinatown

We did some cooking and baking few weekends ago too!

Homemade Cheesecake!

Aren't they looked gorgeous! And of course they tastes delicious too!!!

Homemade Asam Laksa!

Yum yum! (pardon us with our tired face =D)

All these food pictures make me drooling and my stomach is rumbling right now… gotta go and grab some food to fulfil my crave for all these yummylicious food. =D Ciao.