Sunday, August 31, 2008

Crown Casino

Walking to Crown casino which is located near to my home...."for gambling" :P

In the Lobby of Crown Hotel

In the casino is not allowed to take photo so there's no photo taken. We went to play Baccarat and won $200 on the first happy! After won the game, we decided not to continue the game and we had dinner at a seafood restaurant.

Awaiting for my food...

Bread with butter

Battered Fish with Mashed potatos and vegetables
Seafood set with chips

After finished dinner, we went to have pancake for dessert. There's varienty of choices and I ordered peach with custard and vanila ice cream pancake.

Yummy taste good!
Weekend is gone again...happy hour is always gone quick! Looking forward for the next coming weekend...= )

Saturday, August 23, 2008

My cooking

Oh yeah! It is weekend again...hohohohoho = )

This week I wanna share my cooking with you all...hmmm, let me brief you on what I am going to cook. Okay, my cooking today is " Asam fish " and " Stir fried mixed vegetables with scallops" . Not only the main course, I also prepared some fruits and cake for dessert.
Here are some pictures to share...

Scallops with their "eggs"
Mixed Vegetables
Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon

...half an hour later...
"Stir fried mixed vegetables with scallops"
"Asam fish"

Chocolate mini swiss roll with cherries and kiwi

No doubt, this meal is so delicious...wahahahahahaha!!! = )

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mount Buller

Mount Buller is emerging as Australia's best all season alphine resort. It offers 18 kilometres of trails as well as wide, open space above the tree line. The longest skil trail is 2.5km with an average snowfall of 1.5m. Yeah, this weekend we went to Mount Buller!!! It tooks 3.5hours to get there. Here we go...

Queing for Blue Buller chair lift (cable car)...and it is very cold!

On the was snowing heavily!

Most of the people were skiing but I am not. I was just sighseeing but I think it was fun after saw people skiing. I will try next time...

Finally we reached the Blue Buller Station. Its getting colder and snowing...not really can see cleary!'s snowing! = ) Can you see the snow? (The white dot)

The snow is getting heavier...and windy too!

Those houses were covered by snow and ice...

We went into this Bar and had hot chocolate and lunch too as it was too cold!

Then we continued our "jorney" in this snow mountain...hehehe

Behind me is the roof top of the hotel. I took out my glove to make a snow ball. See...= )

In the progress of doing a big snow ball...

Done, get ready...
Hehe...going to throw to camera man...wahahahaha

I wrote my name on the snow...can you see that?? See carefully... was nice to lay down on the snow...

We stayed on top of the mountain for 4 hours and its time to go back. On the way walking down to the car park, we saw a weird snow man...haha

Trying to step in the snow...

Again, we saw another snow man that with "cucumber" under his belly...hahahaha. Do you know what is that??? = P

That was my weekend short holiday. Next visit to Mount Buller, I will try to learn the ski. I think it would be fun!!! Again, weekend is is too quick!