Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Green Day Concert

Last concert for us in year 2009! The concert was held on 15 Dec at Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne Park. We were all prepared for that day and while we arrived at the destination, we’ve been told that the concert was cancelled on that night due to food poisoning and postponed to the following night. It was really disappointing when we heard this. I was in the “concert mood” and “BOOM” a bad news like this!!! Well, nothing much we can do so we headed home. =(

1 day later…

Here we were. Fortunately, the concert was confirmed. We were glad they can make it and everyone there were so excited. I reckoned this one was the most entertaining concert that I had ever experienced compared with the previous two concerts (Cold Play and Rihanna & Chris Brown) that I went to.

They are awesome! I like their songs, the way they entertained the audience and the atmosphere in the concert as the band requested everyone to stand up and sing along. So it was kinda fun compared to if you’re just sitting there and watched them. They even requested some volunteers to go up to the stage to sing/dance along too. Well, I am not the lucky one. =P

Alright, I will stop talking here and share some photos with you. Enjoy~

He was “shooting” water towards the crowd.

After that, he was giving away the toilet paper to the crowd. Haha!

Lucky those who had been invited to the stage to sing along.

I think he must be tired! =P

-The End-

Monday, December 28, 2009

Boxing Day Sales

Yay! The long awaited Boxing Day is here. Me, hubby, Chai Hoong and Harry started our shopping at 4.30a.m. I didn't managed to snap the crowd pictures as I was busy browsing the clothes. Oopss...

1 hour gone and there wasn’t anything that caught my eyes yet. Gosh! This was very frustrating. While I was kinda “lost”, I bumped into my colleague – Melissa. She was kinda in the same situation with me (didn't buy anything yet) and we wished each other good luck before we continued our shopping. Haha…

Well, that was incredible that I started to have some shopping “spirit” and there were a few stuffs that caught my attention. Haha, thanks Melissa for the luck! = D

Here are some of the things that I bought.
- 2 dresses (Wish)
- 2 tops (Wish)
- 1 short (Wish)
- 2 jeans (Guess)
- a pair of shoe (Mollini)

On Sunday, we went for a movie as we were going to have a day off on Monday. This is a first long weekend for us since June. There are not many public holidays over here. Too bad...

We arrived earlier. Hence, we were strolling around. We passed by Louise Vuition and Burberry shops; as usual we popped into the shop and have a look. Well, I didn't intend to buy any handbag as hubby had just bought me one on my birthday. =)

While I was browsing for the purse on the shelf, hubby brought around a handbag and asked me to try it. It is a leather made handbag, classy looking and of course, PRICEY too! Hubby decided to buy the handbag for me as he said it looks good on me. Wow, that’s great! Since it’s sponsored by hubby, why not, right? Hehe. = P

Thanks hubby for buying me this and love ya always! ^_^

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas BBQ

We had our Christmas BBQ at River Terrace. It was a lovely day for BBQ but it was quite windy and our BBQ stuffs nearly flew away. Ha! However, we managed to “catch” our stuffs on time and we enjoyed the BBQ too.

On the way to the BBQ place. Nice scene!

So much food!!! Let me shared with you what we had prepared here. We had...

 Caesar Salad
Garlic Bread
Satay chicken
Pork rib
Thai chicken burger
Peanut snowy

That’s a lot, right? You must wonder how can 5 people finished all the food. Of course, we cannot. Hence, we need to “ta pao” the leftover for dinner. :P

Yummy! This was my portion of food.

Alright, I will then stop writing here because I have to go to bed early as tomorrow is my BIG day! Hehe… Do you know what day is tomorrow?

Some random shots...

Yes yes, it is BOXING DAY! My crazy shopping day is here! I am looking forward for 4.30a.m now. Ciao.

Season Greetings!

I would like to wish all of you...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Eating out + Meet up with Santa @ aquarium

Having heard of good comments from my colleague about a nice Korean restaurant at La Trobe Street, we decided to give it a try last weekend.

Various side dishes… kimchi is what I always look for but the portion was too small. I craved for more!
Can I have another plate, please? =P

Entrée - Takoyaki
 (Deep fried Japanese style octopus dumpling. Served with mayonnaise and BBQ sauce.)

Seafood Clay Pot
(Seafood Combination -  musseld, prawn, baby octopus, squid & pipi with vegetables in hot and peppery soup served with rice.)
The soup was spicy and sour, it was really good!

Squid Bulgogi
(Fresh squid prepared in hot chili sauce, cooked with vegetables and served with rice.)
It looks spicy, right? Actually it was not, they taste a little bit sweet.

Overall, I would say the food was not the best that we’ve ever tasted, it was still nice though and the price was reasonable too! I will definitely revisit this restaurant soon. = )


Alright, it is time to meet up with scuba Santa at the aquarium.

Some nice shots to share with you guys… hope you enjoy the photos. =D

Ha! I simply like this shot! The stingray was “smilling” at me.


Another day out for lunch at Old Town Kopitiam at China Town. They opened few months ago and we still haven’t had the chance to try it. Hence, off we went for the first trial.

Roti Canai with Chicken Curry

Prawn Noodle a.k.a Har Mee

Nasi lemak

Last but not least, Ice Kacang!!!

Well, the food was acceptable except for the prawn noodle. Hubby complained that the noodle was smelly and they used fat yellow noodle instead of the thin one. Hmm… I reckoned we hardly can find the best Penang Har Mee over here. Haha! By saying that, I will be going back to Malaysia on February for CNY! Hooray! I am going for more authentic Malaysian food! Looking forward to it…