Saturday, March 28, 2009

Shopping at Melbourne Central

Hooray!!! Weekend again…time really flies. Well, nothing special for this weekend. My colleague had sent me a Nondo’s burger voucher which entitles me for a buy one get one free so me and hubby decided went there for lunch although he doesn’t like burgers. (“,)

Hmmm, the sauce here are different from Malaysia’s Nondo’s. If I am not mistaken, the Malaysian sauce taste like garlic but here it is just spicy! The food is alright though.
Tenderloin Chicken

Chicken Burger

After lunch, we went to Melbourne Central for shopping! Voila~! Here are some creative pictures that I took while on the way to Melbourne Central. Awesome isn’t it?

Few hours later...tired already! Gotta sit down and have a cup of juice. = D

"Huge Ferrero Rocher" = P
We had Thai food for dinner. When we go for Thai food, we will definitely order “Tom Yam” so I had ordered Tom Yam noodle for myself. While hubby ordered “Fish” meal which is the whole fish that he used to order like here and here! Wahahahahaha...

Cendol!!! Not really delicious compared with Malaysia one...= (

Tom Yam Noodle

"Fish" meal

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Baking and Bento Accessories

Hooray! My brother had sent me some bento and baking accessories from Japan. They are so cute and adorable!!! These accessories look so creative and I did search online, you can get those stuffs from ebay but a bit more expensive. I am now collecting those accessories pictures and will send to my brother and request him to buy more for me. There are now a few in my “must buy list”…hehe. Below are the “beginning” accessories that my brother bought for me!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Thai Culture & Food Festival

Thai Culture & Food Festival was held at Federation Square on Sunday 22 March, 2009. It is very near to my home so we decided to go in the afternoon to grab some foods for dinner. = )
In the morning there were traditional blessing by Buddhist Monks, followed by the Thai Drum Parade and the Opening Ceremony on the main stage around midday. There were a lot of booths selling Thai’s snack and also have Thai massage service. Beside the River Terrace there were stalls selling delicious Thai food served by leading Melbourne Thai Restaurants. Most of the food cost about $8 per dish.

Federation Square

Thai dancing show

Thai crafts

Thai dry food and snacks

There were beauty contest and Muay Thai kickboxing contest at the same time. As the kickboxing is more exciting we chose to watch this instead. I felt sory for the contestants as they really kicked each other’s arse. Hmm…I don’t really like this activity as I feel that it is too cruel. I know it is Thai culture though. = P

About 20 minutes later...this guy had won the fight.

Muay Thai kickboxing contest finished!

Now, we get ready to go to the food section! Hooray!!!

The first meal that I bought was chicken satay. We planned to eat it but it was too crowded and it was hard for us to eat and walk too!. Hence, we decided to take away those delicious foods instead. I had only managed to snap the satay chicken and couldn’t snap the other food as there were too many people.

Satay Chicken **yummy**

We had bought 4 meals and 1 dessert which were satay chicken, yellow curry chicken, stir fried chili minced chicken, vegetarian springroll and coconut jelly. I like the satay chicken the most especially the peanut gravy. = )

Dessert time!

There are more festivals coming soon in April. I am looking forward.. . ^_^