Saturday, September 12, 2009

Puffing Billy + Buffet Dinner

Puffing Billy was one of the “must go” places in my mind but we never taken any action to visit this place. Finally, we decided to visit Puffing Billy on Saturday.

There are 4 types of journey. We had chosen the “The Devonshire Journey” which included an afternoon tea in the first class carriage. It sounds “special”, right? :) If you wanna know more about this day trip, please click here.

Our journey started…

From Flinders Street, we catch a train to Belgrave which took about an hour. Our Puffing Billy journey was from Belgrave to Lakeside, with stopover at Emerald for 10 minutes and Lakeside for 45 minutes before returning to Belgrave.

Before boarding, we had snapped some photos outside the train. This is the first class carriage that we were going to be seated in. As you can see other carriage are just a normal without dining tables. There’s an advantage for the normal carriage though (you will know if you keep scrolling down! Hehe…)

Here’s our afternoon tea – Coffee with scones and jam, fresh cream and a savory pastry!

Can you legs out of the windows? Yeah, this is the advantage that I mentioned earlier. Fun, right? :)

Some nice views… feel so relaxing!

This is the last stop – Lakeside. We had 45 minutes to walk around before we departed back to Belgrave.

Checking on the engine!

Some people bring their own food and picnic beside the lake.

Some nice view again…

On the way back, I purposely seat beside one of the open windows so that I can take the photos of these views that I missed earlier. Can you see the wooden bridge? We were crossing over… a bit scary! :O

When we reached home it was only 6.30pm and just a nice time for dinner. Hubby suggested we go to Crown as there were a few newly opened restaurants and bars.

Well, there were quite a few nice ones but this one caught my attention. Is this one!!! The food look really... Nice!!! Delicious!!! Yummy!!!
We decided to try this… this is buffet style dinner. Okay, I’m gonna show you some nice goodies that we had.

Salad (I simply mix and match)

French Onion Soup + Dinner Buns

Main Course
Asian Style Stir Fry Vegetable and Beef (cook by this chef - below)

Rice, Creamy Fish, Broccoli, Baked Potatoes

Crumb Chicken, BBQ Chicken, Octopus, Creamy Pasta, Creamy Fish

Last but not least – Desserts!!!
Variety flavor of mousse


Chocolate Ganache for Marshmallows

Our desserts! : D

Panna Cotta

Peach Slice

Carrot Cake


Strawberry Mousse

Chocolate Marshmallows, Cheese Slice, Chocolate Puff and Fruits

Very satisfied dinner! ~yummy~

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Lunch @ Lindt Chocolate Café

Lindt chocolate café has just opened its first Melbourne café at Collins Street. Me and hubby went there to have lunch this afternoon as last weekend we went there and there was a long queue so we left.

Lindt has some light meals for lunch like sandwiches and rolls. We ordered some rolls and desserts. Overall, they were delicious but quite pricey too! :P

Outside Lindt

Lindt goodies


Chocolate Cakes

Chocolate Beverage

Chocolate Milkshake
Beef Panini
Ham Roll


Lindt Choc Fudge Sundae

Lindt Pecan Brownie