Friday, April 24, 2009

Farewell Lunch

Today is my last day work at Accounts Payable department. My colleagues had a farewell lunch with me at Rosco’s restaurant which is just across the road from the company. Well, I am not leaving the company, I’m just moving to the Corporate Treasury Team. This is my new role that will start on Monday. 2 more days to go…I am so exciting about this new role as it is something different from my previous role. It is something new to me. Hopefully, everything will be fine and go smoothly.

Here are some photos while we were having my farewell lunch at Rosco. This restaurant is famous with their pizzas. They have variety of pizzas that you may choose. Well, I didn’t have any chance to take the picture of the pizzas as everyone was starving and started eating right away!

OMG!!! I was surprised they gave me a bunch of flowers and a lovely card with wishes. I was so touched and really appreciate that! Thank you everyone!

Flowers n’ card – from team members of Accounts Payables.

Also, I received a box of chocolate n’ a card from the Purchasing team. They are my buddies, Peter and Matt who were always helpful to solve the invoices that got hold due to pricing issues for me quickly. Thank you guys!

Oh yeah, I had made some small goodies which is Little Choc Chip Cupcakes to give away to my colleagues thanking for their helps and guidance while I was in AP for the past 10 months.

Well, good luck to me for my new role and all the best to everyone! (“,)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Eating out - Japanese Restaurant II

We found that there is a new Japanese restaurant at Lonsdale Street beside QV plaza. Me and hubby decided to give it a try on the weekend so… here we are.

The food is not too bad… average! I like the decoration and the service of the restaurant though. = )

On the way...
The resturant - Shogun

Salmon sushi
Salmon Don serve with miso soup

Lunch Set - Yaki Udon + Onigiri serve with miso soup, salad and cawamushi

Looks yummy huh??? ^_^

Monday, April 13, 2009

Philips Island

As I mentioned before, hubby had bought me a ticket to Philips Island to see the world’s smallest penguins. It is 2 hours journey to get there and we departed at about 1.30pm.

Since we joined the day tour, they also included a tour to Fauna Park where you can see and touch Kangaroos.

Alright, I am going to meet the REAL Kangaroos now…

The Koalas were sleeping...

After the Fauna Park, we headed to Philips Island. It was only 4pm and we gotta wait till about 7.00pm to see the penguins come back from the sea.

I only had 2 pictures taken in the front entrance as cameras are not allowed at the viewing areas.

We went in there and sit along the beach… waiting for the penguins. Sky was getting dark and we really need to pay attention and “open” our eyes to see the penguins as they are very small and hard to see from the distance. Finally I saw the first 2 penguins walking back from the sea. Everyone is so excited but we had to be quiet as it will scare away the penguins if we were noisy. The penguins were so tiny and they were very cute especially when they walked. They walked slowly and took their time to think about their direction to the bush.

After this, there were more and more penguins coming out from the sea. Some of them were in bigger groups. You can see about 7-8 of them walked together. There were really cute. It is hard for me to describe it here… you gotta experience yourself then you will agree with me! = )

~The End~

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sovereign Hill

We woke up at 6.00am to get ready for our day tour to Sovereign Hills. We traveled back on time to the 19th century town where gold was first discovered in Australia! I was so excited about this trip as there were a lot of interesting spots that we can visit as well as delicious foods that we must eat! Haha… For more information, you may visit here.

We took the train from Southern Cross station at 9.08am and it was about 90 minutes journey to Ballarat station.

Okay, here we are… we reached Ballarat station at about 10.35am. From there it was 15 minutes to Sovereign Hill by bus.

We were queuing to purchase the ticket…

1st stop: Gold Pour – Watch an $80,000 pure gold ingot being poured!

It was too dark inside so not managed to get clear photos…

He was pouring the melted gold into a gold handle and let it cool in ice water.


After the Gold Pour, we went for lunch as we were starving! Haha… we had chosen this New York Bakery that serve contemporary and traditional meals.

The costume is so lovely…

Fish & Chips
Chicken Baguette

2nd stop: Post Office
I went to the post office to send a postcard to Gim Theng as she likes to collect these kinda things. It is precious!!! = )

3rd stop: Wheelwright and Coachbuilder

There was a craftsman explaining how he builds and maintaining those wheels. Nothing fancy about this…so I took only few pictures. = P

4th stop: Steam Powered Machinery

We went to the top of the Steam Powered Machinery so we can catch some views. Actually, it is quite high and those staircases were made from wood. I was so afraid that it will break when I stepped on it!!!

5th stop: Bowling

Haha… this is funny! 19th century styled bowling game! One people have to stand in the end near the spikes and the other person will bowl. The person needs to rearrange the spike and roll back the ball. It is so manual!!!

6th stop: Gold Diggings

There’s a small river that allowed us to dig gold. See, I am trying to find gold!!! Wahahaha…

7th stop: Ballarat Times

This is a printing company. You may have your name printed on the poster. There were a few kinds of posters that you can choose. I had chosen something “Special”.

Here’s my poster and you can see me and hubby’s names on it!!! Hahaha… cool huh!

8th stop: Orientation Centre

This is a centre that displays the history of gold in Australia.

Welcome to the show!!! = D

We were not managed to visit all the spots as the time was too short. We only went for those attractive spots. There were 2 spots that we missed because it was fully booked for the day. They were the Photographic Rooms and Gold Mine Tour. For the Photographic Rooms, you may dress in old costumes and snap some photos. While for Gold Mine Tour, it is an underground adventure which you may sit on a train ride to the surface.

Pictures below were taken along the way we walked…

The Last Stop that we went to was the Gold Museum.

Nothing much for the Museum...may be I was not really into the Museum things. Hehe :P

~The End~