Sunday, May 31, 2009

Indian Students Protested Against Racial Attacks

I happened to walk pass Swanston Street after my fitness class and there were thousands of Indian students beside Flinders Street Station and Federation Square protesting against recent racial attacks. Out of curiosity I walked towards the crowds and snapped some photos. :P

Polices on horses

A bus tried to go through the crowd, but the angry protestors forced it to backtrack.

Surprisingly, we still heard the noise after dinner so we decided to go out and “had a look”. :P

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Chapel Street

Chapel Street is famous designer labels fashion shopping destination. In Chapel Street, you can find a lot of fancy boutiques, classy bistro, and funkiest designer’s clothing… etc. It is located at South Yarra is about 20 minutes by tram from the CBD.

Ok, now let me bring you through the shops and restaurant that I went. After we arrived at Chapel Street, the first stop was FOOD! Yes, we were looking for restaurant for lunch. There were quite a few restaurants that the food looks yummy. Hmm… it is hard to decide which restaurant to choose. :P

At last, we choose TGI Friday. Since the last time we had were 1 year ago back in Malaysia. Hehe… I had ordered 3 sets course which is entrĂ©e, main meal and desert. Hubby ordered the 2 sets course without dessert as we were gonna share the desert.


Fish Set

Beef Set

Yummy! :D

After lunch, we started our “shopping for my birthday gift” journey. Yeah… my birthday is just around the corner so I have the “authority” to buy things. Hehe…

However, nothing fancy that catches my attention here so we decided to go back to the city instead. Hubby suggested that we went to Crown and he bought me a Burberry bag! Yeahhhh!