Sunday, May 9, 2010

Footy Match @ MCG Stadium

Australian football is the most popular sports in Melbourne. This sport is different with soccer. Ok, let me brief you what Australian Football is all about.

It is a sport that played outdoors between 2 teams of 18 players and 4 interchange players. It is located on a large oval-shaped grass field with 4 posts and a prolate spheroid shape of ball. The method of this game is by kicking or handballing and running with the ball. To score goals for the game, the players need to kick the ball between the middle 2 posts of the opposing goal.

I never got a chance to visit the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) which is located in Yarra Park, it is largest stadium in Australia. Plus, I’ve never watch footy game since I came here. I was lucky to receive 2 tickets from my manager for the Melbourne VS Western Bulldogs match at the MCG Corporate Suite!!! Hubby was tagged along with me to the match. =)

The entrance of corporate suite

Before the match, they served some light dinner for the guests. They were so yum!

The stadium, huge right?

The match was about to start... the players need to run through the big banner. I supposed this is their culture of the game.

Melbourne Team

Western Bulldogs Team

Last stretching before the match...

Here comes the match!

You can place bets through these machines here.

My tired face after work… behind me is my manager and her husband discussing about the scores. ^_^

2 hours later...

Match finished! The winner team is Western Bulldogs.

We didn’t place any bets but the company has gave everyone of us one free bet and I won $7 on that bet! Hehe… I know it is not much but at least there’s something right? =P

We strolled around at the 2nd level to snap some nearer shot at the stadium.

End this post with a picture of me standing in the middle of the stadium seats! =D

Sunday, May 2, 2010

90% completed…

I know, my blog has been pretty dead lately. What the hell was I busy with???

Well, as you know my new house at Melbourne is in the last stages of completion. The past few weeks, hubby and I were busy looking for furniture, appliances. meeting up with concretor, landscaper, electrician, plumber, looking for gardening stuffs, kitchen & bathroom accessories, curtains, blinds and etc. Shit lots of things to do!!!

Ok, let me show you my nearly completed house here. =D

Camwhoring!!! =P

My paradise – kitchen!

Mind you, the outdoor is still a mess!!! So yeah, please ignore that part.

Okie dokie, that’s it for now. Hope you enjoy the photos and stay tuned as there are more to come!! =)