Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunny Day

The weather is very nice today, 27 degrees and the sun is out there. We went to Glen Waverley to have our lunch at Chinese Shezuan restaurant - Spicy Fish. The main course spicy fish is very is very spicy. Yummy yummy...

Char Kuey Tiow

Spicy Fish with rice

Pork Dumpling

After lunch we went to a Malaysian grocery shop.

Yeah...this is the tao sa pia and hio pia that I bought from that Malaysian grocery shop! Hehehe
It is still early when we went back from Glen Waverley and the weather is very good for us to have a walk. So we decided to hang around in the city.
Yarra River

Hot weather + Ice cream = Perfect!

3 flavour : Berry + Lychee + Passionfruit yogurt ice cream

As the weather is hot, the ice cream shop has very good business, a lot people is queing for it!

Federation Square

Weekend is over again! Tomorrow weather will be back to "normal" which is cold at 11 degrees to 22 degrees. Always happened that the weather is good on weekend. :P Again...gotta wait for the coming weekend to enjoy...