Monday, April 5, 2010

A day out to Williamstown

This is a back dated post.

It was a sunny day! Good weather to being outdoor, right? Hence, hubby and I headed to Williamstown where we always had wanted to go to but never had the chance.

Some beach views taken on the way…

You can clearly see the city view from here...

I simply like this shot especially the bird! =D

Here we were! Coincidently there was a festival happening at the park, so we decided to stroll around. All these fun stuffs reminded me about my dad used to bring me and my brothers to fun fair when we were younger. It was so much fun! =)

Stage performance…

The audience were sitting on the ground enjoying the performance.

We walked towards the pier.

I wish I have a boat like this… I can then travel around. (";)

Some people were kayaking. I never try kayak before, I think it would be fun. I should probably give it a try one day!

There’s a service to fly people in small aeroplane. I chicken out so didn’t try on it. =D

My stomach was crazy rumbling all the way while we were wandering so we decided to grab some lunch nearby. I ordered some Caesar salad, garlic bread for myself and spaghetti marinara for hubby.

I would like to end this post with some street wall painting. The paints are so incredible. They look very nice! Enjoy~ =)