Monday, March 28, 2011

Soggy Sunday Morning

A couple weeks ago, me and brother visited to the Art Centre Sunday market. It wasn’t a good day as the rain was pouring down while we were on the train. However, we were lucky enough as the rain stopped once we arrived in the city! =)

Due to the rain, not may stalls were opened at the market. After strolling around for a while, we visited the Art Centre.

Isn’t this statue funny?! =D

Me and brother each took a photo with the male and the female statues.

Saw a HUGE rabbit statue and off we went to snap a photo with it!

There was a live band going on… we decided to take a sit and enjoyed the music as it was pouring again outside!

After the rain stopped, we went for our lunch at Degraves Street.

Since it was so wet and cold out there, we decided to head home to have a cuppa hot chocolate and continued watching our tv drama! ^_^

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Chocolate Factory @ Philip Island

We visited the chocolate factory last weekend. Well, this is not like the movie “Charlie And The Chocolate Factory” but it was cool too as we were able to taste some free sample of different flavours of chocolates and we even made our own chocolate! Here, the chocolate tour got started…

Aren’t these penguins cute?! Mind you, they were made of chocolate, 100 % chocolate!

World map made by chocolate!

David - This replica of Michelangelo's famous statue is cast in 100% milk chocolate.

Closer look at these… they’re chocolates!!!

Stalagmite Display

Press a button for a sample. They have 3 flavours: Dark Choc, Milk Choc and White Choc. You can taste all the flavours!!! How good is that?

My brother is trying to “create” his own signature chocolate!

and... this is what he made. ??? (honestly it was kinda hard to “create”)

This is the “Amazing Chocolate Machine” that allow you to create your own flavour of chocolate bar.

Here, our very own flavour chocolates bar – Wasabi and Cola! What a weird combination right? It tasted not that bad though. ;)

Then we brought my brother to the Penguin Parade to see those cute little penguins. But, before that, we went to the Nobbies Centre to enjoy the spectacular views of Philip Island’s rugged south coast.

Last but not least, I will end this post with this cute little penguin that we managed to capture the photo of at the Nobbies Park. Can’t really see which part of the body of the penguin but definitely this is the penguin! Teehee

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dolphins and Seals Sightsee Cruise @ Sorrento

This is one of summer activities that had been sitting in our “to do” list for ages but we never managed to follow up. =P
Well, since my brother is here so this is a good opportunity for us to go together.

It was a fun day out as we can observe the dolphins and the seals from the top of the boat. The dolphins swam pretty fast though. It was hard to capture them with the camera so please bear with me for the photos that we took below. =D

Waiting at the pier…

We were so excited and can’t wait to see the dolphins! After about like 20 minutes cruising, the tour operator screamed excitedly “look look, the dolphins are over there”. All of us jumped out of our seats and look toward the direction that she pointed.

So yeah, here's the dolphins...

1 ½ hours later… we cruised to Chinaman’s Hat, a spot where the Seals gathers. Unbelievable, there were so many seals and they were really STINKS! I don’t know how to describe the smell but believe me, you don’t want to know how bad it is. I am not really a fan of seals as they don’t really look good to me. Especially their skin… eewww! Anyway, enjoy the seals photos below yo. =)

The tour was about 3 hours. We enjoyed watching the dolphins but not the seals. After all, I reckon it was a great experience for us to share here. Hope you guys enjoy the photos… oh yeah, before I ended this post, I will show you what we had for our lunch at Sorrento, which was a damn yummy Fish n’ Chips!

Our yummylicious meals...

-The End-