Saturday, May 10, 2008

BBQ...farewell party

First of all, I would like to thanks to my ex colleagues who really give me an unforgettable night. Ann, Bee Bee, Chai Hoong, Fernny, Florence, Hoon Hoon, Hui Yen, Pat, See Shiuan, See Yin, Tham and Yun Pin, really thanks for coming and also the gifts. Really appreciate that! Thanks a lot! **Muaksss**

Yeah!!! Happy farewell to myself...:P We had BBQ at my home...there are plenty of food prepared by my good friends...Hmmm, let me brief you on what we had prepared...hehehe.We got bihun goreng, maggie goreng, chicken wings, ham, sausage, corns, sweet potatoes, sandwich, cake, guiness meat, muffin, snacks, ice-cream, garlic bread, fruits, jelly...etc. Yummy yummy...Okay, now let's us enjoy the photos...

gals, say cheeseee...

yeah, the chicken wings is very nice!

Take 1: On the phone...

white, green, purple, pink, black and light purple ;P

ello...what you gals try to do with this squid???

OMG! The squid become...???

yummy yummy garlic bread that baked by Miss See Shiuan

yummy yummy ham grilled by Miss See Yin but unfortunately at last it had accidentally pour off on the floor...too bad :(

Take 2: On the phone...

Gifts from my good friends...I luv it so much! Thanks gals...

OMG! I'am so cold~~Wahahahahaha

Take 3: On the phone...

Oh yeah, finally free to entertain me...(and the corn, pls look at the red circle) hehehehe :P

They look excited about the chicken wings...hahahaha

Oh yeah!

Oh yeah, I like corn!


Take 1: SMS

Take 2: SMS

Give me the chicken wings! Nonono!

Okok, we shared! Hehe...

Oh yeah, it's delicious!

Hmm...It is so delicious. I want to "da pao" for my honey! :P

They went home at 10:18pm...the reason is "very sleepy lo"

Dont take my photo! ^-^


Bee Bee!!! What are you doing? Looks happy huh...

Yeah! I am handsome boy!

Pat is sleeping...shoooo

WOW! Hoon Hoon so excited!!!

Well, end of the party at 12:00am (10 May 08). Ladies...thanks again for what you gals had done for me. Thanks a millions! **muaksss** Do keey in touch ya...

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