Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the time of year which for lovers to express the way they love each others. Lovers will think of what is the special way to say I love you. Red roses are the traditionally gift on Valentine’s Day. Roses represent romance, true love and passion.

~Happy Valentine's Day~

Well, what is special about my Valentine’s Day? ^_^

Not much actually, this is the second valentine that we celebrated together. Last year’s Valentine’s Day fall on weekday when both of us were working. We only went to Evergreen for valentine’s dinner. This year, Valentine’s Day is on Saturday which is good! We had lunch at an Italian restaurant at Lygon Street. Just a simple one…we ordered a Calamari platter and a Barramundi fish.

Starter : Focaccia

Calamari serve with salad

Barramundi fish
After lunch, we went for shopping!

Time flies…when shops were closing only I realized it is already 6pm. We had very simple dinner at home which is pizza and chips!

Hmmm…hubby got me a valentine’s gift and a rose! There’s a cute bear together with the rose. = )

This is my old heart shape coins purse and this is new one! The old one really looks old when compare it. It is the time for it to “rest”…hehe

~The End~

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