Monday, April 13, 2009

Philips Island

As I mentioned before, hubby had bought me a ticket to Philips Island to see the world’s smallest penguins. It is 2 hours journey to get there and we departed at about 1.30pm.

Since we joined the day tour, they also included a tour to Fauna Park where you can see and touch Kangaroos.

Alright, I am going to meet the REAL Kangaroos now…

The Koalas were sleeping...

After the Fauna Park, we headed to Philips Island. It was only 4pm and we gotta wait till about 7.00pm to see the penguins come back from the sea.

I only had 2 pictures taken in the front entrance as cameras are not allowed at the viewing areas.

We went in there and sit along the beach… waiting for the penguins. Sky was getting dark and we really need to pay attention and “open” our eyes to see the penguins as they are very small and hard to see from the distance. Finally I saw the first 2 penguins walking back from the sea. Everyone is so excited but we had to be quiet as it will scare away the penguins if we were noisy. The penguins were so tiny and they were very cute especially when they walked. They walked slowly and took their time to think about their direction to the bush.

After this, there were more and more penguins coming out from the sea. Some of them were in bigger groups. You can see about 7-8 of them walked together. There were really cute. It is hard for me to describe it here… you gotta experience yourself then you will agree with me! = )

~The End~


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