Saturday, June 27, 2009

Big Mission!

I had a “big” mission to complete this weekend. This week is the last week of end of financial year sales. There were further deductions for all the cloths and shoes. Of course I didn’t miss this opportunity! Hehe...

Before I started my shopping journey, hubby and I went to this Japanese restaurant for lunch. You must be wondering why I always have Japanese food… I’ve fell in love with sushi! Haha… they are just so delicious!!!

This restaurant is located in Melbourne Central which was my shopping destination. This is one of just a few Japanese restaurants with the sushi train in the city.

We didn’t order much. We shared a box of bento and grabbed a few plates of sushi. Hmmm… a little bit of disappointment as they didn’t have sushi that we wanted. I grabbed one place of inari and hubby had one plate of salmon. We wanted to have more salmon sushi but it was not available so we only had 4 plates of sushi and a bento box. Not really enough for us! :P


Miso Soup
Salmon Teriyaki Bento Box
Only 4 plates!!!

Taking a rest after few hours... (*o*)

Mission completed as I managed to get a few things that I wanted. I am happy for that! Hoho (**;)

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