Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sydney - Day 2

Good morning, sunshine! What a beautiful day… good for our bridge climb! Hooray!!!

Hubby ordered in-room service for our breakie.

Raisin toast + Coffee

Scrambled egg on toast serve with hash brown + English Breakfast Tea

On the way to the bridge climb…

Our first stop: Bridge Climb

Our journey started… the climb to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge took us about 3 ½ hours. We were not allowed to bring cameras while climbing but we can purchase the photos taken by the climb leader. We climbed all the way to the submit, 134 metres above Sydney Harbour, with 360 degrees views of Sydney.

The bridge climb was amazing! The scary part was the 90 degrees ladders. I can see the cars and the sea under my feet! Haha… It was not as scary at the submit as I was enjoying the beautiful views.. That was wonderful!!!

My commemorative certificate!!! Ha!
We were starving after the bridge climb so we went hunting for food. We were walking around in the CBD and there were a few cafes seemed so attractive and finally we decided to have Thai food as we both were craving for Tom Yam soup!!!

Hubby ordered Green Curry Beef and I ordered Pad Thai. For the entrée, we ordered some spring rolls and our favourite, a bowl of Tom Yam Soup.

Tom Yam Soup! **Thumbs up**

Spring rolls

Overall, the food was good. We were satisfied with our lunch. ^_^
Waiting for the monorail…

After lunch, we checked in at another hotel – Star City – a five star complex with a casino, restaurants and bars, and hotel. I got a special employee discount for staying in Star City Hotel. : ) Wanna know more the hotel, please click here.

Cute little alcohol... aren't they?

Coffee, Cookies, Chocolates...

Some snacks

L'Occitane!!! (Shampoo, Conditional, Shower Gel, Lotion, etc.)

Our second stop: Sydney Aquarium / Sydney Wildlife World

Well, aquarium is a must see places for hubby as he really into those marine stuffs. For me, I am not a huge fan but I am ok to visit this rich and diverse marine ecosystem aquarium.

Buying ticket!

Yeah, we went to see the original mermaid!

Hmm… what do you think about Dugong? She looks cute with her mouth right?

There’s an underground tunnel for us to view the mermaid clearer. She is eating the lettuce fed by the staff.


Watch out!!!

HUGE Turtle!

See, he showed his assss to me! :P

I am not sure what fish is this. It is watching you... hohoho!

Sydney Wildlife World features the largest variety of native Australia plants and animals under one roof. In addition, it is just beside the aquarium so we decided to pay this place a visit.

Australia Largest Lizard

Danger Snakes

The Koalas here were so active compared with Melbourne’s Koalas! They didn’t sleep but busy finding leaves to eat and climbed up and down. See, they are cute, dont’t they?


Can you see the crocodile???
Little penguin!!! It’s sooooo cute!

Ok, it’s time to get into food now. Hubby made a dinner reservation at 360 Bar and Dining at the top of Sydney Tower, the tallest free-standing structure at Sydney. The unique rotating floor of the restaurant allows us to see 360 degrees views of Sydney while having our dinner!

It was quite hard to take photos as the environment is very dark. In addition, my stupid camera is not working well in dark environment. Hubby’s mobile also not good in this situation. He only managed to get some night view from the window but not the food. Too bad… anyway, nothing much to talk about the food as they sucks! They were damn not nice yet so expensive! I prefer Aria as they really served GOOD food.

We headed back to hotel after dinner and we went into Star City casino strolling around! They were a lot of people busy gambling! We didn’t stay long in there as both of us felt tired and we decided to go back to our room and rest instead.
To be continue...

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