Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wedding ceremony and buffet dinner @ my parent’s house

This it is my wedding ceremony! Some of you must be wondering why the wedding ceremony at this moment while I’d been married for 2 years??? Ha! I know it sounds bizarre. Let me get this right.

Although we had married (legally) 2 years ago but we didn't have any Chinese style (traditional) wedding ceremony. For the sake of respect, my mum insisted that we had to have this ceremony during my trip back to Malaysia for CNY 2010.

Therefore, here’s my super simple wedding ceremony and buffet dinner for the guests.

While waiting the guests to arrive, the best thing to do – camwhoring!

My dear BB and my lovely sister Nessa

Fernny ~ Bee Bee ~ Me ~ Nessa

My childhood buddies – Choon Min ~ Chia Chia and her fiancé

Cute little nephew

My cousin – Su Yi with her pipy

Little brother with his friends

The tea ceremony started once all the relatives had arrived.

Serving tea to my parents

After that, it was tea serving to all the relatives.

Last but not least, it was our time to give angpows to the juniors.

My brothers seem so happy to get angpow from hubby. =D

Pipy also got one angpow!

Finally finished the ceremony and again photo session with friends and relatives.

Pressie from friends

2 lovely gifts from Bee Bee
They are so lovely, aren’t they? =) Thanks, dear.

This is just so sweet and adorable! It was from my cousin - Fernny. Thanks, sister! =)

BB series skin care from Nessa as well as the lovable wedding card and wishes. Thanks ya! =)

So here it is! Thanks for coming to celebrate this happy moments with me and of course thank you so much for the gifts and angpows. One last thing that I would like to say here is thank you so much to Patricia who came all the way from Port Dickson to attend my wedding dinner.

I will end this post with the gift that I received from my manager once I came back to work. It took me a big surprise that she gave this to me. Another collection of my kitchenware!  ^_^

-The End-

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