Monday, August 30, 2010

Gateway to Hotel Windsor : Traditional Afternoon Tea

Apologies for the lack of update… but in the coming posts there will be a flood with lot of photos from when my mommy visited me a week ago. 

Finally mommy arrived in Melbourne on last Wednesday! She stayed in Melbourne for a week. Hence, last week I was fully occupied. I had planned a lot of activities for mommy.

I had chosen to go for afternoon tea at Hotel Windsor as I think this is the perfect way to catch up with mommy where we can enjoy the goodies while having a chat.

The afternoon tea started at 2.30pm. We arrived earlier so camwhoring is a must for us too!

The lobby of the hotel

The ladies room was very classic and comfy...

Alright, shall we start our afternoon tea? =)

It begins with a glass of sparkling wine

We were served with a three-tiered stand with sandwiches, French pastries, cakes and of course scones!

Okay, let me show you the closer look.

At the bottom layer: Sandwiches - Smoked salmon, Egg & mayonnaise, Virginia ham & Dijon mustard, Chicken, apple & mayonnaise and lastly Traditional cucumber with sour cream & chives.

Mommy loves the Smoked salmon sandwiches the most. While for me I like the egg and ham sandwiches.

In the middle layer we had some gorgeous pastries and cakes.

At the top layer were our favorites - the raisin & vanilla scones. It comes with double cream, strawberry and summer berry preserves.

Overall the food was beautiful and the staffs were friendly and helpful too! The staff even offered to snap some pictures for us. =) We spent a lovely afternoon chit chatting and accompanied by all those yummylicious food. What a good place to chill.

After the tea, I brought mommy wandering in the city.

More to come! So yeah, people stay tuned. =)

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