Sunday, February 13, 2011

African Safari Experience @ Werribee Open Range Zoo

One Sunday of January, hubby decided to visit Werribee Open Range Zoo and of course I was tagged along! =D

This is an amazing experience for me as we were so close with the giraffe, zebra, ostrich, rhino and antelope.

Ok, I will stop talking here and let the tour begins…

Welcome to Werribee Open Range Zoo!

Amused myself with the mask provided with the tickets. ^-^

Going to pay the lions a visit but didn’t have any luck, they were probably sleeping!

Beware of Hippos, guys!

Seems like the Hippo is sleeping tight there…

Kubu Camp

Happened to capture this moment! Teehee


African Wild Dogs

Now, the safari adventure started…

We were travelling with an open vehicle (pictured below) and with a professional tour guide.

I was so excited! =P

See! The giraffe was walking towards me! I felt like wanna touch its skin. As they look so smooth, eh?


Managed to get a picture of the ostrich getting up

He is holding the Camel’s hair...

So yeah, this is the end of the safari adventure. It was really a good day with this gorgeous weather.


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