Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dolphins and Seals Sightsee Cruise @ Sorrento

This is one of summer activities that had been sitting in our “to do” list for ages but we never managed to follow up. =P
Well, since my brother is here so this is a good opportunity for us to go together.

It was a fun day out as we can observe the dolphins and the seals from the top of the boat. The dolphins swam pretty fast though. It was hard to capture them with the camera so please bear with me for the photos that we took below. =D

Waiting at the pier…

We were so excited and can’t wait to see the dolphins! After about like 20 minutes cruising, the tour operator screamed excitedly “look look, the dolphins are over there”. All of us jumped out of our seats and look toward the direction that she pointed.

So yeah, here's the dolphins...

1 ½ hours later… we cruised to Chinaman’s Hat, a spot where the Seals gathers. Unbelievable, there were so many seals and they were really STINKS! I don’t know how to describe the smell but believe me, you don’t want to know how bad it is. I am not really a fan of seals as they don’t really look good to me. Especially their skin… eewww! Anyway, enjoy the seals photos below yo. =)

The tour was about 3 hours. We enjoyed watching the dolphins but not the seals. After all, I reckon it was a great experience for us to share here. Hope you guys enjoy the photos… oh yeah, before I ended this post, I will show you what we had for our lunch at Sorrento, which was a damn yummy Fish n’ Chips!

Our yummylicious meals...

-The End-

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