Wednesday, June 25, 2008

First day at work

Yeah!!! Finally I got a job after sent out hundred of resumes. It is suffering while you're waiting for the result. I was disappointed for lots of the rejection for the past but now finally... = )
Alright...let me share with you my first day at work.

The company is not far from my home, its only take 5 mins by tram. So, its very convenience. The company have 13 floor and my department is located at 8 floor. The building is surronded with glasses and my desk is near to the window so I can view the city and the beach cleary. Well, the view is very nice!

The working environment is not really same with my previous company in Malaysia. They don't have "small chat" with each other, they don't go for breakfast but only coffee, they don't go for lunch but only bread or they brought their own lunch box. The lunch is already so much different with my previous company. (Gals, we used to enjoy our "lunch time" huh) Now, my lunch is bread + milk...

Nearly finish working hour, people will get ready to go home. Most of the people will go back home on time and they dont stay for OT. So, it hard to catch a tram because most of the trams will be full of people from other stops. You gotta wait for next trams...

The weather is getting dark after 5pm. So, after work you will feel like its already 7 something. This is different from Malaysia... hehe. After back from home I'll have my dinner straight away as I was very hungry due to my lunch is only bread lo... :P

So...this is my working life here...

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