Sunday, July 13, 2008

Melbourne Aquarium

This is Melbourne Aquarium which located in the Melbourne city. It is just a walking distance my home to the aquarium so me and Chu Ho walked there but it was damn cold!!! Hope you guys enjoy the photos below...= )

Can you see where is the fish?
See carefully...its right on the bottom right corner!

Coral's paradise

This fish is very cute. The photo is not clear enough as it swim very fast and its hard for me to take its photo. :P

Yeahhh, this is a very very big crab that I ever seen.

Big and ugly fishes

Eastern Long-Necked Turtle Eggs

Longnecked Turtles

Waiting at the billabong feed presentation area.

Axolotl Ambystoma Mexicanum - also known as the Mexican walking fish

OMG!!! I am holding a starfish - also called sea stars. I looks scared huh...wahahaha

Jellyfish...its beautiful~

Can you see what is this? He/She is smilling at you...
(scroll down to see the answer)

It is stingray...

Finally, the feeding show is started. There are 3 divers in the "big" aquarium feeding those fishes which include sea turtles, sharks, stingrays, and some unknown big fishes...hehe

Well, the end of feeding show and our quarium tour...bye~~ = )

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