Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Hour is weekend again! Today after work me and my collleague - August went to shopping in the city. There are sales everywhere as Christmas is just around the corner. We shop for nearly 3 hours and I bought a pair of shoe and a cloth....only. :P We went to have chinese cuisine for dinner. This restaurant is quite famous as there are always full of people.

This is my colleague, August.

Alright, dinner started...we ordered some entrees and a vege. :P Ooops, so sorry as I've forgotten the name of the meals.

Yummy yummy...

After finished dinner, we had a walk in the Melbourne Centre and took some photos .

Do I look like a princess? Hohohoho

~Yeahhh...end of Happy Hour~

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August said...

Good Morning, E~

So speedy...