Saturday, November 29, 2008

Village Cinema at Crown

We went for the movie * Quantum Of Solace * and played Baccarat at Crown. :P
Here are some photos to share with...

2 hours later...

After finished the movie, we went into the casino. No photo is allowed in the casino...too bad! So I only took the photos outside one of the entrance. HoHo

Dinner Time
This restaurant is famous with the desserts. They have many kinds of cakes and tarts. I love to see them as they looks nice and delicious! I wish I could try all of them at once...wahahahaha. Unfortunately, I cant!!! :P

Baby Snapper


I didn't order any main course for myself as I just wanna taste the dessert. I had ordered 2 desserts.
Cheese Cake Tart

Fruit Tart

Hmm...yummy yummy

Summer is just around the corner so days are becoming longer than night. This photo taken at 7.30pm. It is still so bright!!!

After dinner...this photo taken at 9.00pm!!!

Waiting for a tram to go back to my home...

~ The End ~

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