Sunday, November 2, 2008

Japanese Restaurant

I've had a hair cut today. Well, it is still the same but become shorter and thinner...hehehe. After done my hair cut, we planned to go "yum char" at China town. Unfortunely, they closed at 3pm. I finished my hair cut at 2.30pm so we were unable to make it. So, we decided to go for Japanese food as it is just opposite the "yum char" place.

Yuriya Teppanyaki Bar

In front of the entrance, there's an aquarium that is full of lobster...see, they are huge huh!

Yeah, my new hair style... ^_^

Sukiyaki Beef Set
Teriyaki Chicken Set

Sushi Roll

Sushi rolls - Prawn, Salmon and Crispy Chicken

I love this sushi is very nice. They have plenty of selection - Crispy chicken, Teriyaki chicken, Tuna, Salmon, Prown, Tofu, Unagi and etc.

Hehe...this is my Crispy Chicken sushi roll.

Dessert - Green tea ice-cream with red bean

~yummy yummy~

Hmmm...this weekend I ate a lot! Gotta have some light food tomorrow onwards...hehehe...if not in the future you will see a fatty me! Wahahahaha...
Oh ya, next Tuesday I will be going to Rihanna and Chris Brown's concert! Will upload some photos then...see ya~

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