Saturday, November 1, 2008

Koren BBQ Restaurant

On Saturday we went to have Korean food which is located at China Town. This restaurant is very famous as the price is reasonable and the food is tasty! Actually I planned to have my hair cut before go to the lunch but there are too many people in the hair saloon and I've changed the appointment to tomorrow afternoon. Hehehe...will show you guys my new hair style tomorrow...hopefully it suites me! = )

Entrance to China Town

Yeah!!! Here's the restaurant - Korean BBQ Restaurant

There were not many people in the restaurant yet as it is still early for dinner. Late lunch for us as we just came back from Victoria market to buy our weekly groceries. :P

The wallpaper of the restaurant.
How am I looking?? My face looks so round huh! Haha...

As usual, the entrees...

This is very nice! "Fried Dumpling"

Chicken set

The spoon is so cute~

Octopus Set

"Soup Kim Chi with Pork Rasher"...a little bit of spicy and sour

On the way out from the restaurant...Heya...cheese!

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