Monday, January 26, 2009

Australia Day (also is CNY First Day 年初一)

Australia Day, celebrated annually on 26 January, the anniversary of the beginning of British settlement. Please click here for the history. Coincidentally, CNY first day fall on Australia Day so we have one day off. Hoooray!!! I called back home to wish mommy and daddy "Gong Xi Fa Chai". I also wish my youngest brother "Good Luck and All da best" as he is flying to Japan tonight for his studies. Mommy, Daddy, Brothers...I miss you guys so much! Remember to keep my ang pao for me ya...hehehe

We didn't go out for lunch as there are still have a lot dishes leftover from the steamboat. So I simply prepare for out lunch. 3 dishes...

Tofu with carrot and cucumber

Stir fry brocoli with quail eggs

Shrimps with sambal paste

After lunch we went to Swanston Street to have a look at the parade. The street is full of people and the weather is very hot! There were an event called " New Gold Mountain" at Art Center. They were selling chinese's foods and stuffs.

Parade - Not really can see as there were too crowded!

Going to Art Center...

There will be noodles making show in the late afternoon but we can't be bothered to wait because it is very hot!

Tomorrow gotta go back to work...too bad! Looking forward for the next weekend... = P

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