Saturday, February 7, 2009

Big Breakfast I

Yayyyy!!! Is weekend again…I love weekend so much. Well, the reason is I have marked down some recipes into my “to do list” but there’s always not enough time to complete it. So, weekend I can stay in the kitchen to do some baking. = ) Besides, I will also prepare “big breakfast” for myself and hubby.

So, 2 task to be completed which is “Big Breakfast” and “Baking”. Here’s my “big breakfast" ~~ Scramble eggs + cheese on toast + strawberries

Scramble eggs - Put 1 tsp butter in the frying pan and heat up. Add in 2 eggs and scramble till cook. Add some pepper on top to taste.

Cheese on toast - Toast 2 slices of bread on one side. Spread butter on top and cover with a slice of cheese. Grill until cheese melt and sprinkle some sugar.

After breakfast, me and hubby went for shopping. On the way, we saw everyone in the street were looking up to the sky. Out of curiosity, I also looked up the sky and `#@ tang tang tang tang `@# I saw this "Stay Cool". Today's weather temperature is 46 degrees...we were boiling over here. It is really hot! No joke! When the wind blow at you, you will feel like the heater is blow right exact to you. It is damn hot!

Can you see that??? Look into it..."Stay Cool"


Evelyn said...

woah! i wonder how they did that! gosh! it's really amazing.

Evelyn said...

Yea, that's amazing huh! = )