Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Picnic Lunch

Sob Sob…today is the last day for Maggie at Tabcorp and also this is the last time we had lunch together. So, we decided to “picnic” at the park that we usually go to for a walk after lunch. Most of the people who work nearby will bring along their lunch to eat at the park. You can see some of them lying down on the grass to have a nap; some enjoying their lunch; some of them listening music, reading book…etc. It is very relaxing place for us after a long period of work!
I had prepared some finger food for our “picnic”.

Fish fillet with peas, corn, hams and sausages

Mini Chocolate and vanilla cupcake

Mini chicken burger, sausages, hams, egg sandwich

Hope you guys enjoy the photos below...nice scene!

Almost finished our meal here...

Playing with the cupcakes...hehe

OOOooo...so relaxing!

On the way back to office...


(Part II)
~The End~

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