Friday, February 27, 2009

Diet Meals

I’ve been writing down my everyday meals to show to my personal trainer. My meals were only oat for breakfast, protein shake for lunch and fruits for dinner. I will have some rice or noodle twice a week though. He claimed that I ate too little which is not good for my body as I do a lot of exercises. So, I would like to share some information about diet meals which was advice by my personal tainer. "Eat more doesn’t mean eat big portion for your meal but more meals with small portion, 5 meals a day with small portion". So, what is the best diet meals? Here you go...hope you will enjoy these diet meals!

(you may choose either 2 of them)

Untoasted muesli (low sugar)
1 cup cooked oat
Milk (low fat, high calcium)
2 slices wholemeal toast with scramble eggs
1 can baked beans

Morning Tea
Muesli bar
Low fat natural yoghurt

(Note: I choose to have my protein shake for morning tea.)

Salad with chicken breast, boiled egg.

Afternoon Tea
(you may choose either 1 of them)
Fruits with nuts (Almond / Cashew Nuts)
Yoghurt with Sultanas
(Note: I choose to have my protein shake for afternoon tea.)

(you may choose either 1 of them)
Fruit Salad
Baked vegetables (broccoli, squash)
Steam potato

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