Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Variety Buns

My mind can’t stop thinking about baking bread. Since last weekend when I baked my first bun, I’ve been looking for bread / bun’s recipe everyday. Also, I like the smell coming out from the oven when i bake the bread. It really smells so so so good! = ) Ok, here are my “variety buns” with different stuffing and also I shaped them differently… hehehe

There are 2 plain buns, 1 tuna bun, 1 peanut butter bun, 1 tuna with cheese bun and the last one is nutella bun.

I tasted the plain bun after baked, it is so nice and soft! Hehehe…it is much better than the red bean bun that I baked last weekend. I am so happy…at least have some improvements. Actually I used back the same recipe but I replaced water with fresh milk. It taste really good!

Nutella & Peanut Butter Bun

Plain Bun

Tuna n' Cheese & Tuna Bun ( the shape a bit weird huh! = P)

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