Monday, February 9, 2009

Lunch Box I

I used to bring lunch box to work when I just started work. The cultural here is very different from Malaysia. In Malaysia, we will go to the canteen or eating out for lunch. Hardly see people bring lunch box to work. However, here, you can see most of the people bring their lunch box to work. I am happy to prepare the lunch box because I can "decorate" the food in the way that I like. = P

I stopped to bring my lunch box some time ago because I found that I am putting on weight so decided to diet! Hehe...My lunch now is only protein powder. Recently I also joined fitness classes and the personal training. I feel there are changes for my body. I easily get hungry after the gym / fitness classes and my personal trainer advised that I need to take some light food and not just drink the protein. So, I decided to bring lunch box to work BUT not everyday. Still need to keep in shape!!! Haha

Ok, here's my first lunch box in this 2009. Just a simple meal – tuna sushi, cucumber sushi, strawberries and miso soup paste. (Add in hot water then enjoy!) = )

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