Saturday, March 28, 2009

Shopping at Melbourne Central

Hooray!!! Weekend again…time really flies. Well, nothing special for this weekend. My colleague had sent me a Nondo’s burger voucher which entitles me for a buy one get one free so me and hubby decided went there for lunch although he doesn’t like burgers. (“,)

Hmmm, the sauce here are different from Malaysia’s Nondo’s. If I am not mistaken, the Malaysian sauce taste like garlic but here it is just spicy! The food is alright though.
Tenderloin Chicken

Chicken Burger

After lunch, we went to Melbourne Central for shopping! Voila~! Here are some creative pictures that I took while on the way to Melbourne Central. Awesome isn’t it?

Few hours later...tired already! Gotta sit down and have a cup of juice. = D

"Huge Ferrero Rocher" = P
We had Thai food for dinner. When we go for Thai food, we will definitely order “Tom Yam” so I had ordered Tom Yam noodle for myself. While hubby ordered “Fish” meal which is the whole fish that he used to order like here and here! Wahahahahaha...

Cendol!!! Not really delicious compared with Malaysia one...= (

Tom Yam Noodle

"Fish" meal

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