Monday, March 9, 2009

Chai Hoong is here! (Part II)

After came back from V-market, we went to “Yum Char” at Dragon Boat. This is one of the famous Chinese Restaurant for yum char and it is “All you can eat” style for $22 per person.
The food is better compare with Shark Fin that I went last week. Dragon Boat has more varieties and the service is faster. We were too greedy as we had ordered a lot of din sums. Whatever dim sums that look good, we will just grab it and didn’t think whether we can finish it or not until we feel that we were full and started to regret. = D

Let’s enjoy the dim sum…

On the way to yum char...
Inside the restaurant

Ok everyone, get ready...

The prawn is very huge...from the Chee Cheong Fun.

This is oyster with cheese...damn delicious!

Desserts Time!! ^-^

29 plates... = P

to be continue...

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