Monday, March 9, 2009

Chai Hoong is here! (Part III)

Finished yum char at 1pm…we still had one last activity to complete which was “Shopping”. There was a warehouse sales at Port Melbourne. This was street wear summer sales. They have brands like Stussy, Mooks, Mossimo, Globe, Everlast and etc.

On the way to catch the tram, we went past this shopping hall which called "Royal Arcade". I can't stop myself snapping around. So, here's some photos to share with...

This is "Tram Restaurant" which very famous here. It is always fully booked so you gotta make reservation few months in advanced. I never try before but will try in the future. = )

Inside the tram

Finally, we reached Port Melbourne's tram stop and we were ready for our"shopping journey". After 2 hours shopping, we came back to the Port Melbourne's tram stop to snap some phots as the scene is very nice.

~The End~

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