Saturday, March 14, 2009

Shopping at Ikea

Ikea is having clearance sales this week so we decided to go and have a “look”. = )

The Ikea is located at Richmond and along the way; there are a lot of Vietnamese shops like restaurant, café, groceries etc. Asian invasion like they say. As we haven’t had our lunch yet we decided to try on Vietnamese’s food. This is the restaurant that we picked. The renovation is not too bad and food is average only while it is quite pricey. Vietnamese food is all about Rice Noodles (Kuey Toew). Their food is quite similar with Chinese food I think as you can see the dishes that we ordered below.

Salted Fish Fried Rice

Wonton Soup


Seafood with crispy noodle

Rice noodle with beef

The bean sprout and some green "stuff" is to be mixed into the beef soup.
After lunch, we continue our journey to Ikea. It is just a few blocks away from the restaurant. Along the way...

There were a lot of people due to the sales. We started our shopping now…As cameras are prohibited in Ikea, I dont have any photos inside Ikea.

2 hours later…

Finished our shopping here and get ready to go home. Before that we had our late afternoon tea at the food court outside the Ikea. Nothing fancy…only had an ice cream from McDonald's. = )

Okay, today I had spent about $28.00 to buy these things – kitchenware. Not expensive, right? They are 2 bowls, 4 mini cups, 2 eggs holder, 1 bread loaf pan, 2 pieces hand towels and 2 jurs. ; )

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