Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Great Ocean Road Trip

I am so looking forward to this trip long time ago and FINALLY… Hoohooo!!! Me, hubby, Chai Hoong and Harry went on a trip to the Great Ocean Road on Sunday morning. I prepared some picnic food for us. We can enjoy those foods for our journey as it was gonna be 3 hours drive to get there. I had prepared some chips, chocolates, bread with nuttela, bread with peanut butter and also I had bake some Banana & Chocolate Muffins. Chai Hoong had prepared some fruits.

Picnic foods

We started the journey at 10.00am and estimated that we will reached the 12 apostles at 1.00pm. Well, our plan didn’t go so well as we stopped quite a few of times on the way. The reason is along the road, there were some places with very nice scenes so we stopped by and taken some photos. Our first stop was “Surf City”. There were many retail outlets that sell surfing brands like Roxy, Billabong, Ripcurl, Globe, Oakley, Blunt, Quicksilver and etc.

On the way...

The 2nd stop was “Bells Beach”. According to Harry, this is a very famous place in the movie so we must stop by. Frankly, the scene is really nice and there were a lot people surfing. Actually the weather is cold, I was wondering how can they stand the cold. I had worn 2 thick cloths and I was still feeling cold though. They must be very tough. ^0^ We stopped at Bells Beach for about 45 minutes and continued our journey again.

A lot of people surfing there..can you see the black dots???

Say Cheeseeee!!!

The 3rd stop was “Light House”. Nothing much for this stop, we walked around and snapped some photos behind the “Light House”. After 30 minutes, before we continued our journey, we found a restaurant selling “Fish n’ Chips” so we decided to have our lunch here. You cannot believe it!!! The “Fish n’ Chips” is so huge and it cost only $9.50. We finished our lunch at 3.00pm and we realize that it was late as we still need to take about 2 hours to reach the 12 apostles. The Great Ocean Road has no street lights and we wanted to get home before dark so we had an agreement not to stop anymore. = P

Huge huh?

Ok…we passed by a place called “Appolo Bay”. There were full of people at the beach side picnic, sun bathing, swimming…but we didn’t stop by to we were really running out of time. Too bad! We continued our journey… I started not feeling well as the Great Ocean Road was very long and winding. I felt like want to puke out and it was really a hard time for me. = (

Finally, we arrived at the 12 apostles!!! I was feeling much better when I stepped out of the car and got some fresh air. = ) It was 5.00pm then but the sun was still strong which made it hard for us to take photos. 1 hour later, we had to start our journey back to Melbourne. I was worried that I will get dizzy with the road again. Yes, I was really not feeling well again on the way back. I told myself I wouldn’t visit this place anymore. It was like torturing me just to see a few rocks in the middle of the sea. Hehe…

Looks funny! = P

It is cold!

Although I felt sick half way through the journey, I was still having fun with the trip. Now, I am looking forward for another trip... = D
~The End~

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great ocean road , was great!!! miss it!!!!!!