Sunday, March 1, 2009

Yum Char

Planned to meet up my friend who stays in Springvale weeks ago…finally we had decided to meet up on Sunday for Yum Char! There’s a very famous dim sum restaurant located in China Town – Shark Fin. We didn’t make appointment so we gotta wait for 5 minutes to get a place in there.

When we got our table, the waiter told us in Cantonese that we have to finish eating before 1.30pm. This is weird right??? It is like chasing the customer to finish faster and get off from the restaurant! This is not Hong Kong.. lol.. Anyway, we still enjoy our food…hehe but we had to make sure that we finish by 1.30pm. Haha. It is ridiculous!

After saw those delicious dim sum, too excited till forgot to take photo! By that time there was only one left = P
Siew Mai

Prawn dumpling
Fried bread with prawn

Springroll (my favorite 1)

Fried Calamari

Chee Cheong Fun

Fried Yam (my favorite 2)

Char Siew Pao (my favorite 3)

Egg Tart (my favorite 4)

Dessert : Mango Pudding

Well...I feel so satisfied! Yummy ^_^

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