Saturday, February 28, 2009


I found this interesting quiz in the newspaper and hope you guys will enjoy it!

** What kind of eater are you?**
Remarkable your answer with True / False

(1) I usually eat too much when dining out or socializing.

(2) Sometimes, when the food is really good, I keep eating even though I’m not hungry.

(3) When I am stressed or anxious I often eat.

(4) I often diet to control my weight.

(5) I have a good idea of the number of kilojoules in most common foods.

(6) I find it difficult to leave food on my plate.

(7) Being depressed is often a trigger for eating high-calorie foods suach as chocolate or chips.

(8) My weight has steadily increased in the past 10 years.

(9) I console myself by eating when I’m lonely.

(10) I often reward myself with food after a difficult day.

(11) I never allow myself to eat whatever I want.

(12) I am always conscious of my figure.

(13) I eat sensibly in front of others but often splurge when on my own.

(14) I avoid eating certain foods because they make me fat.

(15) When I am busy having fun I don’t think about food.

If your answer were:

Mainly True for Q 1, 2, 6, 8, 13

This may indicate you have a tendency to overeat. You are ignoring hunger and satiety (fullness) cues and will be prone to weight gain. To help manage your weight you need to concentrate on listening to your body in terms of when you are really hungry or full and be aware of what food your body wants. It would help to access professional nutrition advice about portion sizes and a healthy balanced diet.

Mainly True for Q 3, 7, 9, 10, 15

You are probably an emotional eater. You use food to help manage negative emotions and therefore when you go though difficult times you will be prone to gain weight. This can become a cycle of negative emotion / overeating / feeling more negative / overeating. If this is true you need to seek help from a professional counselor.

Mainly True for Q 4, 5, 11, 12 ,14

You are what is known as a restrained eater. If you are overweight his is usually an indicator you are a yo-yo dieter and have a difficult relationship with food. You are probably easily influenced by media and friends and new “quick-fix” ways to lose weight. You need to seek the help of a professional to understand what your daily food requirement should be. If you are a healthy weight, you are using restraint to control your weight. This works for a lot of people and as long as your food intake includes all food groups and you do not set up feelings of deprivation you may be able to continue to manage your weight this way.
Mainly False to all Q

If you are a healthy weight – well done. You probably have a healthy attitude to food and are aware of hunger / fullness cues and act on them accordingly. If you are overweight or underweight and do not fall into the above categories, you may wish to seek professional advice to help look at your relationship with food.

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