Friday, April 24, 2009

Farewell Lunch

Today is my last day work at Accounts Payable department. My colleagues had a farewell lunch with me at Rosco’s restaurant which is just across the road from the company. Well, I am not leaving the company, I’m just moving to the Corporate Treasury Team. This is my new role that will start on Monday. 2 more days to go…I am so exciting about this new role as it is something different from my previous role. It is something new to me. Hopefully, everything will be fine and go smoothly.

Here are some photos while we were having my farewell lunch at Rosco. This restaurant is famous with their pizzas. They have variety of pizzas that you may choose. Well, I didn’t have any chance to take the picture of the pizzas as everyone was starving and started eating right away!

OMG!!! I was surprised they gave me a bunch of flowers and a lovely card with wishes. I was so touched and really appreciate that! Thank you everyone!

Flowers n’ card – from team members of Accounts Payables.

Also, I received a box of chocolate n’ a card from the Purchasing team. They are my buddies, Peter and Matt who were always helpful to solve the invoices that got hold due to pricing issues for me quickly. Thank you guys!

Oh yeah, I had made some small goodies which is Little Choc Chip Cupcakes to give away to my colleagues thanking for their helps and guidance while I was in AP for the past 10 months.

Well, good luck to me for my new role and all the best to everyone! (“,)

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