Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Eating out - Japanese Restaurant

Hubby came back early today and gave me a “surprise"!!! =D I was so happy because it was a tour that I was looking forward to. Finally, I will go to Philips Island this coming Sunday. The main things that I want to look at are those cute little penguins.

I love penguins. On Jan, we went to Melbourne aquarium to see the Antarctica Penguins. Those were the largest penguins in the world and now we are going to see the smallest penguin in the world. Hooray!!!
I’m so excited and decided to eat out for dinner. Haha…we went to a Japanese restaurant. Here are some simple meals that we ordered.

Salmon Sushi

Japanese Curry Chicken with Rice

Bento - Teriyaki Chicken serve with Rice, Spring Roll and Salad

I am looking forward for the weekend!!! ^_^

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