Saturday, April 4, 2009

Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show 2009

The Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show was held at Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens on 1 Apr 09 ~ 5 Apr 09. Me, hubby, Chai Hoong and Harry visited the show on Saturday. I am not really a fan of flower or gardening but since I had never been to the show previously and out of my curiosity, I decided to pay a visit. There was not just the flowers exhibition but there were also a lot of booths selling gardening stuffs.

Before we went to the show, we had our lunch at the food court at “Australia on Collins”. I used to walk by this place quite a few times and saw there’s few foods stall that selling delicious food. Hence, I decided to give it a try today. Tortilla wrap is the most common wrapper that I will buy from the supermarket. There are 2 stalls selling wrapper. Me and Chai Hoong had the chicken wrapper while hubby and Harry had rice. Anyway, here are some photos to share with… = )

Fried Rice with Tom Yam Soup
Tropicana Wrapper serve with Chips

Mongolian Beef and Curry Chicken on Rice

Chicken Wrapper serve with Chips

Yummy~! Wanna try??? = P

Waiting at the tram stop

Huge "purse"

Yay! Welcome to the Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens!

I like this purple tulips...

These are some garden's decorations

Nice lake! When I look at this picture, I will imagine that there's a crocodile behind me! Haha
There are some sculpture that you can buy but it is quite costly. I had took some pictures of the unique ones...
Shoal : recycled stainless steel, reclaimed timber $2,400.00

Isadora - after Klimt: Limestone, glass, beads, on metal base $2,300.00

Pig : corrugated iron, rivets $950.00

Warrior : clay, aluminium $3,950.00

Carousel : stell wire $2,700.00

This "camel" is so funny! He requested me to put my hand on his leg. However he looked at me "one kind"...wahahahaha (look at his eye)

Inside the exhibition centre, they also displayed the designs from the creativity competition by the local florists. They were really beautiful and creative. For people who really loves flowers, you gonna like this flowers show. ;)

Elmo dropped the cookies on the floor!!!

I like this picture...hubby took it from the upper floor.

-The End-

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