Sunday, May 3, 2009

Eating out - The Pancake Parlour

There’s a famous pancake restaurant located nearby so we decided to have pancake for our lunch this week.

In the entrance, there’s a mirror. This mirror is not a normal mirror. You will look very short when you stand in front of the mirror. Haha… look at the photo below…me and hubby turned out “funny”!!! =P

We had ordered 2 classic pancakes and 1 main meal. You may choose to serve with ice cream or butter cream.

Fish fillet with potato pancake
Pancake serve with butter cream

Pancake serve with ice-cream

There’s a huge chess board in the restaurant for customers. After our meal, me and hubby played one set of chess before we left. =D Actually I don’t really know how to play chess…haha. I just moved the things here and there… hubby kept telling me that my moves were illegal! Wahahahaha…!!!

Get ready...

Can I move this first? =D

You cannot move this here... >_<

Hehe...I gonna move this now! =P

This is our dinner, bought from the sushi bar when we were on the way back home. I like the crispy chicken sushi roll. The chicken roll was so delicious!!! Well, others were also tasty! They were salmon sushi rolls, crabmeat sushi rolls and tuna sushi rolls. I can eat 4 sushi rolls at once! Hehe…this is the reason why I keep putting on weight. I’ve controlled my meals now though. I only ate 2 sushi rolls this time. = ) Hubby finished the rest of the sushi rolls.


fernny said...

Hi sis, i thought you vegetarian and not eat chicken lor....
Why you keep eating chicken and meat after you go to Aust.

Evelyn said...

I know I know... =P
It is yummy! Haha