Sunday, May 17, 2009

Buddha’s Day and Multicultural Festival

There was another multicultural festival held at the Federation Square. Buddha's Day and Multicultural Festival is a unique annual event which celebrates the Buddha's birthday. There were some traditions activities like

- Bathing of the Buddha
- the Wishing Bell and traditional incense offerings
- vegetarian culinary alongside the Yarra on the River Terrace
- cultural demonstrations and insights
- art and craft

Me and hubby decided to “visit” to get some vegetarian food. I missed the vegetarian restaurants back in Malaysia. Me and Bee Bee used to go to the vegetarian shop near by Dell for lunch. Their food is nice and the price is reasonable! I found it hard to get vegetarian restaurant here unlike in Malaysia. The vegetarian food here are vegetables, not variety of choices like vegetarian fish, meat, duck, chicken and many more. Hence this is the good time for me to taste some Asian vegetarian food.

Art and Craft Section

Food Section

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