Sunday, May 24, 2009

Eating out - Japanese Restaurant III ~ Stone Grilled

I was running out of idea what to have for lunch today. I and hubby walked around Chinatown to “hunt” for a nice restaurant. Hehe… finally we found one Japanese restaurant which looks quite classy. Here we go...

Hubby ordered the Stone Grilled Seafood Combination Set and I had ordered the Fish Fillet Bento Set. We also had ordered a side dish which is grilled chicken skewer. The chicken skewer is so yummy with the provided sauce. I liked it so much!

Fish illet bento set served with miso soup + rice

I like the topping for the rice. It taste yummy...a little bit sweet + salty! :D

Stone Grilled Seafood Combination Set served with Sashimi

The stone was really *Hot* and it can last for 1 hour.

There were 5 types of sauces given with the seafood set… not sure what’s the name of the sauces but I can tell the nicest one is the first one (in black color). It was sweet and so delicious when dipped with the fish! Yummy…!

There is no oil on the stone. Oil started dripping out from the fish during the cooking so it cooked really well. The tofu was not good at all cos it stick to the stone! As you can see the remaining skin of the tofu on the stone. :P

Overall, the food was delicious as well as the services. Definately we will visit this restaurant again and try some other of their meals!

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