Saturday, May 9, 2009

Eating Out - Italian Restaurant

This weekend I and hubby went for Italian food at La Porchetta near Victoria market. This restaurant is famous with their pizza and pasta. We went for fresh food shopping at the market before we went for the pizza. On the way to the market, I went to try this Choco Churro, the Spanish doughnut.

Finally I had it and it taste really “fabulous” with the warm dark chocolate. :)

Hmm...wanna try? It is so delicious!

Ok, here we are… finally finished all the shopping. We were starving!!! We were gonna order quick so that we can have it quick. Hahaha…

There were varieties of pizza toppings that you can choose from. All of them seem so delicious with those “attractive” toppings like ham, hot salami, anchovies, prawns, cheeseeeee and many more. I’ve ordered Traditional Pizza – The Lot! The toppings were tomato, cheese, ham, mushrooms, hot salami, green capsicum, pineapples, onions, olives, prawns and anchovies. Haha… there were so much stuff on top! Hmmm…yummy!

We also ordered another meal which was Frittura Mista. It is a basket of seafood which included fish fillets, calamari rings, scallops and prawns. This seafood basket comes with a bunch of chips! Well, chips…my favorite!

Frittura Mista

Traditional Pizza – The Lot

They look so yummy, right? Well, the food really taste GOOD!!!

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