Saturday, August 15, 2009

David Copperfield

Magic! The most popular magician in the world… We’ve been waiting for this show since 3 months ago. Yeah, we went to watch David Copperfield – An Intimate Evening of Grand Illusion at Rod Laver Arena.

Unfortunately, cameras are not allowed in this show so we didn’t capture any photo but I would like to share some amazing tricks that he presented last night. There were really amazing!

1st – The opening act. There was a big square EMPTY box on the stage. The box is closed, and then followed by some exciting music; out of a sudden “someone” on a motorcycle appeared in the box. Here he was… David Copperfield!

2nd – 2 huge bars were placed in the middle of the stage. 2 guys were selected from the audience to bend down and hug the bottom of the bars. A huge cloth then covered up the bars with the 2 audience inside. After a few seconds, the cloth was removed and a car was sitting on the 2 bars. Amazing!!!

Last but not least, “Travel to the other world” – A few audiences had been invited to the stage. There was a huge box filled with chairs on the stage. Audiences were seated in that box and then covered with a white cloth. Audiences were holding a torchlight and swing up and down so that we can know that there were inside. After a few seconds the cloth was taken away and the audience appeared on the other side of the stadium.

You gotta experience yourself then you will know how wonderful he is. It is worth to watch!!! = )
After the magic show, we went to a pub as hubby wanted to watch soccer there.

Cheers~ :P

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