Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Hour 2

Another outing with August and Kee last night. I recommended them to have Thai food as I went past this street and found the environment of this Thai restaurant looks pretty good. The food did not disappoint us. They were delicious! = )

The environment was dim and comfortable.
We chose the dining room on the first floor because there were too many people downstairs and it was noisy.

A photo snapped from upstairs.

"say cheese"... while waiting for the food!

The waitress was very friendly and she recommended Ice Milk Tea for our drinks.

For our entrée we had a Mixed Entrée which included spring rolls, fish cake, chicken satay and pastry. The chicken satay was absolutely delicious. I loved it the most and it was perfect to dip with peanut sauce!
Below are our mains…

Stir fry vegetables

Tom Yam Soup

Green Curry Chicken

Stir fry calamari

Pad Thai
Well, everything was good except the Pad Thai. I think they put in some herbs which was smelly. Overall the food was not bad.
As for the desserts, we ordered Black Sticky Rice served with Coconut Ice-cream, Sweet Roti Roll served with Coconut Ice-cream and Coconut Ice-cream. The coconut ice-cream was soft and smooth, not too sweet but full of flavour. *yum yum* (“ ;)

Black Sticky Rice served with Coconut Ice-cream

Roti Roll served with Coconut Ice-cream

Coconut Ice-cream

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