Friday, October 30, 2009

Shopping time!

Spring Racing Carnival has started… you can see most of the shops selling elegant dresses, sexy high heels, and fancy fascinators! To be honest, last year I has just arrived in Melbourne and I saw those ladies were wearing gorgeous dresses and men were wearing suits and they were all catching the train to somewhere. I was curious about what were they doing wearing dresses in the middle of the day.

Well, now I totally understand what the hell was going on. Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival is the horse racing series held annually during October and November (spring). For more information, please click here. There are a few famous races such as Caulfield Cup, Melbourne Cup (the biggest one), Oaks Day, Derby Day and Emirates Stakes Day.

As my current company is the Australia’s premier racing company, I got the chance to know more about the racing! I think a month ago, my GM offered me a ticket to Emirates Stakes Day with my manager. I was so happy when I got this news (actually I was shock as she called me into the meeting room and I thought I’ve done something wrong! Ha!)

Of course I was desperate to join this event as I can dress up and put on the fascinator! (*_*) So, I did some shopping last weekend and I bought 3 main things that I needed which are fascinator, dress and heels!

Sale!!! Only 30% though...

Too many!!! Not sure which one to choose? =D

After getting weary of looking / trying around, I needed to take a rest for some food! Haha… so me and hubby went to this Japanese cafĂ© for Bento. We’ve been there a few times as the food is yummy and the price is reasonable too!

Happy to say that, I managed to get my heels and fascinator after a long search! So now let me pamper myself with some yummylicious sushi which is my favourite “Inari”.

Salmon Bento Set for hubby

Unagi Bento Set for myself
However I still had one more thing to buy which was the dress! After our meal, dress hunting continued… and I found this “East of India” just besides my apartment. Their dresses look simple yet beautiful (I was looking for something simple and the dresses here just met my requirement!) They were quite pricey but who cares :P as long as it looks good and you know ladies will always buy things that they think is worthwhile! Agree? = )

So yeah, I was satisfied with my day as I got what I wanted! I am now looking forward to the Emirates Stakes Day which is held on 7 Nov (next Saturday). ^_^

... received some freebies from Quiksilver on our way back from lunch! What a lucky day! (";)


fernny said...

Sis, Novo's shoe again....
show me the dress...i want see it.

Evelyn said...

Haha... yeah, you're right! I will show you the dress next week! :P

Can you please upload the Melbourne's trip "a little bit quickly"? You know I am waiting for you right? Hehe...